Our process

Our converting processes


We are aware that each of our customers has unique and personal production processes. Therefore, a standard product "universal" would oppose our business philosophy: to respond precisely to the slightest requirement of our customers by offering them a product perfectly adapted to their process.


Therefore, we can reduce your converting costs, enhance yield and improve your process efficiency.  We will get you what you need from slit rolls of tape, custom die cuts, special labels, or sheeted Nomex.


At ADDEV Materials Converting, we have been serving converting needs for over 25 years, and aim to provide the same convenient, quality service that has made us a leader in the converting industry.



We can provide design and manufacturing services to power generation, building, automotive, medical device and other markets as well.

Virtually any type of material supplied in a roll format can be converted within our facility. Regardless of your need - slitting, sheeting, spooling, die cutting, printing, light assembly, product development or supply chain enhancement - we are poised to respond to the demands of a broad spectrum of markets with the right material, the best converting and the perfect solution.

We also offer contract manufacturing on our main process.


ADDEVMaterials Converting can easily slit any flexible material. We offer  several slitting methods (shearing, scoring, razor slitting, crush cuts and single knife cutting-which allows us to slice directly through your roll).

  • Score, razor and tight tolerance shear slitting
  • 72” to 1/8 wide
  • 50” OD unwind - 36” OD rewind
  • Standard tolerance of +/-.032”


  • We offer custom printing on a variety of substrates- pressure sensitive, tag, tape, plastics and foils.
    • Labels.
    • UPC Codes.
    • UV Varnish.
    • Overlams.
    • 2-Sided Printing.
    • Finished in a roll, fanfold, or sheeted format.
  • Six and four color flexographic print process
  • 13” and 17” wide web capability
  • Two sided printing
  • UV varnishes and adhesives


  • We have both rotary and flat-bed die-cutting capabilities to sheet, butt-cut, kiss-cut or die-cut your materials.

    • Tight tolerance die-cutting.
    • Lamination in process.
    • Multiple layers.
    • Wide variety of materials.
    • All formats-sheets, rolls, fanfold.
  • 17”, 13”, and 7” web widths
  • In line laminating, kiss cutting, through cutting into pieces, pads,and rolls


  • Finishing capabilities to enhance and facilitate your process.

      • 36” OD pancake rolls or long length traverse wound spools that reduce down-time and changeover.
      • Blister ready retail formats in sheets or small diameter rolls.
      • Operator friendly pads configured with multiple parts to support assembly line application and production.
      • Custom labeling, bar-coding or sequential numbering.

    Packaging designed to support your internal work flow.

      • Bulk packed onto pallets to maximize units per foot of container, floors or shelf space.
      • Gaylords to facilitate secondary packaging, finishing or shipping operations at customer.
      • Operator friendly cartons - 40 lbs or less - for warehouse and light duty shelving.
      • Master/inner carton packaging conducive to work space limitations and inventory control.
  • Surface prep, cleaning, priming and adhesive bonding
  • Service kits, retail and custom packaging
  • Shrink film packaging options


We can spool many materials. We offer several spooling methods.

  • In line razor and shear slitting into 12 spooling stations.
  • Single Head Spooling available also.
  • Razor, score and tight tolerance shear slitting
  • Films, foils, PSA’s, printed media
  • 8 to 12 stations
  • Rewind to 24” OD, flanged or flangeless
  • 12” wide face - 3” ID and 6” ID cores


  • Our sheeting and shear cutting services will allow you almost any size sheet to meet your needs.
  • Razor, score and tight tolerance shear slitting
  • Films, foils, PSA’s, printed media
  • 8 to 12 stations
  • Rewind to 24” OD, flanged or flangeless
  • 12” wide face - 3” ID and 6” ID cores


Flat bed die-cutting is a process used for the cutting, creasing, embossing, waste stripping, and blank separation of a range of sheet materials.

  • 85” max width capability
  • Roll to roll, roll to sheet, sheet to sheet


  • We offer heat-assist and heat-activated lamination finished on rolls and finished sheets.
  • We laminate a very large variety of materials such as foam, gasket, paper, plastic, foils and chipboard.
  • We can also laminate adhesive transfer to your product and make it pressure sensitive
  • 60 ton - 24” x 20” bed
  • Laminating, kiss cutting, through cutting into pieces,
    pads and rolls


  • Allows us to cut any of your product lines down to your specific requirements on the spot without lengthy lead times.
  • 60” x 21” OD roll capability
  • Ideal for foam, carpet, rubber and tapes